9 Best Pest Control Companies in Singapore

If you’ve got creepy crawlies and all manner of buzzing, gnawing and flying things in your house, we think it’s time to call professional pest services. This review of the best pest control companies in Singapore will help you choose the right one.

Before we share essential info about and our thoughts on these companies, we’ll give you an idea of how much expert pest management will cost.

The Best Pest Control Companies in Singapore

There are plenty of pest specialists in Singapore, but the ones that made it to today’s post were selected with the following criteria in mind:

1. Ninja Pest Control


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Total Scores

Cost ★★★★★

Availability/efficiency ★★★★★

Eco-friendliness ★★★★★

Equipment and tools ★★★★★

Experience and professionalism ★★★★★

The guys at Ninja Pest Control are the pest-whisperers of the modern age. From sneaky mice to audacious cockroaches, they tackle it all with finesse.

It’s like they have a black belt in pest eradication. We were left in awe as they effortlessly vanquished our insect invaders.

Convenience is a word that Ninja Pest takes to heart. Scheduling an appointment was as easy as throwing a shuriken.

They offered flexible time slots and were punctual to the minute. No waiting around in the shadows for these ninjas! They swooped in, did their job swiftly, and vanished like a puff of smoke, leaving us with a pest-free paradise.

Ninja Pest is the talk of the town when it comes to pest control. Their name is whispered among homeowners like an ancient legend.

When we mentioned we had enlisted their services, our friends practically bowed down to us in reverence. Their reputation precedes them, and for good reason!

Now, we all know pest control can be a pricey endeavor, but Ninja Pest proved to be a steal. They struck the perfect balance between quality and affordability.

It was like hiring a ninja hit squad without breaking the bank. Our wallet didn’t feel the sting, but those pests certainly did.

However, they’re not open on weekends, which bummed us out. We advise booking an appointment on weekdays to guarantee a slot.

Customer Reviews

“My tenants of my 4BR HDB did not carry out the basic home maintenance to the unit. It was horrified when I take back the flat. You could imagine my unit converted into the paradise of mold, dust, insects, and fungus.

Alex and team come to the rescue performed an exhaustive inspection on my 4-BR HDB. Alex identified and recommended the solution and execute the treatments on the following day. The next two day when I check my unit was clear with insect, fungus and mold.

The team is professional with the service, listening to my needs, effective on the task, and provide the after-sales service to check-in. Excellent work, Alex and team! Ninja Pest Control is a well-kept number in your phone as the GP (Pest) of your house.” — Jennifer Ho

2. Ironman Pest Control

“Your reliable home pest control specialist”

Ironman Pest Control

Like its superhero namesake, Ironman Pest Control is versatile and uses only scientifically backed methods to eliminate pests. The company also promises to address deep nestings, especially for stubborn problems like termites and bedbugs.

It also offers complimentary inspections at no obligation to the client. We like this service since we think it’s a fair part of pest analysis.

Ironman’s specialisation is decidedly on bedbug and termite control, and it even offers a 10% discount on the former’s package deal.

Given this specialisation, they don’t have as much experience when it comes to the removal of dangerous wildlife like snakes. However, there are other entries on this list more suitable for this.

They also don’t offer a price guide, so you need to contact them first to get a quote.

But since Ironman is available 24/7, we figured it’s worthy of a spot in this best pest control list, especially since home consultations are free.

Customer Reviews

Excellent service and hassle-free booking

“Excellent service and hassle-free booking. The inspection was done thoroughly with an explanation of what rat food was used and the effect it brings. Kudos to Uncle Kamil for finding my dear chunky rat, checking for all possible escape routes and finally proceeding for the catch! Thank you!” – Adrian How

Very quick with the service

“I requested Ironman services to help with Lizard removal from my house. They responded very promptly, set an appointment for the same day and Sam came to my house at the exact time that I requested. He was very quick with his service and effectively removed the two lizards.Then my house was also fumigated by Ironman pest control. I’m very satisfied with the service provided and will call them again for pest control when needed! Thank you.” – Isha Prabhakar

3. Pestopia


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Total Scores

Cost ★★★★★

Availability/efficiency ★★★★★

Eco-friendliness ★★★★★

Equipment and tools ★★★★★

Experience and professionalism ★★★★★

Pestopia is a company that provides its clients with professional and comprehensive pest control services ideal for homes and commercial establishments who are struggling with various rodents, insects, and bird issues among others.

With over 400 homes and more than 250 commercial establishments serviced, we like that they are able to provide them with tailored solutions and accurate diagnoses to ensure that effective treatments will be applied.

Past clients that have availed their services have commended them for their overall positive experience with them due to their prompt and professional services alongside effective treatments that did the job.

Note though that there are slightly limited pest control packages available to interested clients who can inquire further for more customization options.

Overall, with their professional and friendly technicians, diverse experience in the field, and a wide array of pests accommodated, we highly recommend interested clients to check them out.

Customer Review

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“Many thanks to Jason for his swift response. He is very knowledgeable and honest. After he identified that it is drywood termite on my 10 year old cabinet. He explained what treatment can be done and suggested to me to dispose if this cabinet is not expensive. Many thanks Jason, i definitely will engage you if i have any pest issue and recommend to my friends and family. 👍”

“The two pest control personnel, Mark and Jason from Pestopia were very courteous and professional in carrying out their duties. Mark was quick to identify the source of the pest’s entry point and immediately proceeded to sealed up the area. Afterwhich, he applied the treatment paste and sprayed a form of chemical insecticide at various points, as well as the skirting along the bedroom walls. Jason was on hand to advise how these pests behave and what measures we should take to mitigate this pest issue. Am sure that with such positive staff on the job, most customers will be satisfied with the service rendered by Pestopia Pest Control.”

4. Rentokil Pest Control Singapore

“We are the experts in pest control.”

Rentokil Pest Control Singapore

Rentokil Initial Pest Control Singaporehas been around since 1964 and has been serving commercial, industrial, and residential clients ever since.

Its solid reputation is further cemented by a series of awards and accolades in the Singapore pest management industry.

The company is also known for addressing a wide range of pest problems including flying and crawling insects, rodents, termites, birds, and other intrusive wildlife.

Rentokil’s solutions include eco-green ones that promise to save time and energy while ensuring that only environment-friendly ingredients are used. This is welcome news for homes with small kids and pets.

And its home pest control solutions don’t just stop at eradicating pests. It goes on to audit and report results and if additional treatments are needed.

For this, however, you can expect a higher quote from the company.

The only downside we see with Rentokil is that it’s closed on weekends, which could throw a wrench if the infestation is severe and you need urgent service on those days.

Customer Reviews

Adhered to quality health and safety standards of the business

“We would like to endorse the service provided by Rentokil Initial (S) Pte Ltd, particularly the Pest Control Division. As our long service provider for more than 10 years, Rentokil Initial Singapore is excellent in partnering with us in adhering to quality health and safety standards for our business and employees. We would like to specially mention our accounts manager, for his excellent service. He has illustrated outstanding account management service and has always been proactive in responding to our needs. We are very satisfied with the great support and teamwork from Rentokil Initial Singapore.” – Kim Seng

Operations team went the extra mile to prevent rodent infestation

“Pest control is important for our food safety and regulatory compliance in the food industry premise. The flytrap installation was completed within a short amount of time in all our restaurants. The operations team even went the extra mile to install minor proofing works to prevent rodent infestation. Our account manager has also been managing our account well. We are very satisfied with the team’s speed and response.” – Thomas Mak

5. Greencare

“Delivering a safer environment”

Greencare Pest Control & Cleaning has a wide scope of services that covers a range of industries including construction, food processing, logistics, retail, and more.

It also offers one of the most affordable pest services in the country.

To illustrate, the company currently offers a “Pest Control Day at Your Estate” promo at the time of writing. With this promo, clients can get a discount voucher of up to 50% (according to their zone map schedule).

And true to its name, Greencare uses eco-friendly solutions with a scientific approach to truly eliminate the problem.

So if you have pets at home, you can rest assured that the company will use non-repellant baits and National Environment Agency (NEA)-certified methods to eliminate pests.

We only wish that Greencare offered emergency services for sudden pest infestations that rear their ugly heads. But we’re pretty happy that it’s open daily and offers free consultations too.

Customer Reviews

Professionally equipped and practised good safety procedures

“Nazrin and Ali conducted disinfecting at our office in a thorough manner. Professionally equipped and practice good safety procedures when carrying out the job. Ensure that all requirements are met and provide relevant advice. Also very friendly and does a prompt job.” – Harmizan Hamid

Conducted a thorough extermination of the house

“I was attended by Mr Azri who conducted a thorough extermination of my house. Not only was he a professional, but he was also friendly, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to share some tips on how I could better manage the issue. Thank you for your service! Will definitely engage in your services in the future!” – Ima Jinxie

6. Anticimex Pest Management

“Intelligent pest control around the clock”

Anticimex Pest Management

Anticimex Pest Managementbelieves that when it comes to pests, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. But when it does have to come down to “cure,” it makes sure that it’s done with sustainable solutions and innovation.

It caters to both residential and commercial clients with tailor-made pest control using modern and traditional options.

The modern solutions are truly top-of-the-line, with products like Anticimex Smart working around the clock and Smart Pipe to help get rid of rats in the sewer system.

The traps and baits are promised to be nontoxic as well. This has resulted in dozens of businesses, ranging from hotels to manufacturing chains, going for Anticimex methods and tools to keep their trade pest-free.

We just wish there was an upfront price guide to help those canvassing for pest control options. But a quick request for a quote should remedy that, especially since Anticimex can be reached 24/7.

We’re also a bit disappointed they don’t offer promos like others on this list. This would have made their services accessible to more Singaporeans.

Customer Reviews

5 stars for speed and honest feedback

“So I had a panic moment after shifting some furniture and saw what I feared might be termite damage. I went online found Anticimex and submitted an inquiry. On a Saturday night. Within 30 mins Kenneth had responded and looked at the pictures I sent him and assured me it was water damage and not termites. 5 stars for speed and honest feedback. And taking my anxiety away so I could sleep on Sat night.” – John Ku

Came back and resolved customer issues

“I am happy with the service provided by them. I faced a problem of the ants coming back into my kitchen area they came back and redo it again for me. Thanks for the effort to resolve the customer issues. Thanks, Judy.” – Vibha Sharma

7. Pest Off

“The pest specialist you can trust”

PestOff has National Environment Agency-certified consultants to help clients identify, manage, and prevent pests from taking over their businesses or homes.

Its eco-friendly and sustainable solutions cater to residential clients as well as those in the food and beverage, commercial and industrial, and food manufacturing businesses.

As a result, PestOff uses only NEA-approved chemicals and solutions to give clients peace of mind. And it upholds its warranty by providing re-treatment (should the situation call for it) at absolutely no cost to the customer.

We quite like that PestOff can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week for inquiries and bookings.

On the subject of their rates, they don’t make it convenient for potential clients to find out what those are, as they don’t have a price guide on their website. We understand fees vary from case to case, but an estimate would have been much appreciated.

Unfortunately, they’re also not offering any promo or discount.

Customer Reviews

Responsive and scheduled service promptly

“Thanks to Jocelyn and her team for turning a pigeon nightmare on the air con ledge to a clean ledge with a beautiful view. She was responsive and was able to schedule my service promptly. The crew was on time, tidy, and fixed my bird problem. I had another company install plastic spikes initially but it failed immediately.

Good value. Highly recommended.” – LaiPh EngLam

Professional in explaining options “Jocelyn Seow was very responsive. She connected with me immediately even though it was a weekend. She was also very professional in explaining options for preventing birds from nesting around our aircon condenser. Her recommendation was spot on. Finally, when the service was executed, the team and the workmanship were very professional. So far we are completely satisfied.” – Andres Malakinao

8. The Pest Control Company

“Your pest control service specialists”

The Pest Control Company

Despite its seemingly generic name, The Pest Control Company has been around for over 15 years already. As a result, it can address pest problems involving rats, mice, flying and crawling insects, and dangerous wildlife.

It uses environmentally sustainable yet effective solutions which allow the company to work with clients in commercial and food establishments. It goes without saying that it caters to residential customers too.

The Pest Control Company’s team studies the patterns of pest infestations closely so it can come up with tailor-made solutions for each client. That’s also why it offers free consultations via its 24/7 messaging system.

Still, it would be nice to have an idea of how much the treatments cost to accommodate those still making a list of pest control companies for consideration.

We also think it’s unfortunate they’re not offering promos or discounts like their competitors.

Customer Reviews

Staff response is very fast

“The staff response is very fast, arrange their crew to arrive at my place in a short notice. The crew also shared detailed advice on how to safely exterminate wasp-like this in my home the next time I encountered the same situation. Definitely recommended to anyone having any similar issue.” – Zhenix Koh

Always accommodating and knowledgeable of their craft

“It’s been great working with Wilfred and his team at Pest Control Company. Extremely professional and responsive. Always accommodating to our premises’ opening hours to come in and do pest inspections. Also very very knowledgeable of their craft – they will patiently explain everything, even down what is the pest species, and how it will affect the best method for dealing with them. Clear instructions for after-care as well, explaining what we can do to keep the pests from coming back.

Most important – our experience with their effectiveness is 100% so far. Pest problems were resolved almost immediately after.” – Madeline Chan

9. EcoSense

“Clean sense of life”

EcoSense might be better known for mould remediation and decontamination, but it also does quality pest management. And it offers them to both residential and industrial clients too.

There are other reasons why this company makes it to our listicle. For starters, it’s one of the first companies to use environmentally-conscious pest management solutions.

If you aren’t sure about EcoSense’s methods, the company describes involving lure and target processes, water-based sprays, and even canine assistance!

However, don’t expect EcoSense to be available 24/7 like other companies on this list. It’s a bit disappointing that it’s currently only open on weekdays.

We’d also like to caution you that pest control isn’t the company’s primary focus. The quality of their pest control may not be as good as their decontamination and cleaning services.

Customer Reviews

Provided updates step by step along the way

“Big thanks to the team at Ecosense. Lucas, Mike, Johnson and Sean were patient and updated me step by step along the way. Appreciate the team and will definitely recommend to my friends and family.” – Daniel

Team was neat and quick to assist

“The team was neat and quick to assist. Many thanks to Shawn, Michael and Johnson and the team. Great job, will recommend.” – Angelica Jane

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