Dental Practice Management Software -15 Best Dentist Software Programs for 2023

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Executive Summary: Dental Practice Management Software

When managing a dental business, you should pick management software that will improve organization and efficiency. It can be difficult to choose an ideal for your practice because there are so many available. In response, we have compiled the top 15 dental practice management software are shown below and more. So that you can choose the best one for your practice.

Overview: Dental Practice Management Software

Dental practice management software is a specialized version of the otherwise generation practice management software that is meant to assist healthcare practitioners and institutes in performing tier routine practice tasks. And while the dental software program does include many same features and functionalities as can be found in generation practice management software, the dental software program also includes specialized tools and features required by dentists and orthodontists to effectively run their clinical practice. Some of these specialized features may include the ability to work with x-ray sensors, dental plans, panoramic units, and others, and thus the dental practice management software can easily be termed as a separate niche of the general practice management system.

Now, apart from the practice-specific features, the dentist practice management software will certainly include general administration and finance functionalities like managing appointments, tracking patients, scheduling calendar, accounts, billing, insurance claims, and other features we generally expect from practice management software.

Just like most of the modern software, dental practice management software runs as a Software as a Service (SaaS). In simple words, most of the time it would be a cloud-based software for easy remote access. However, there is some other web-based dental practice management software also available in the digital health market.

In this blog, we would be looking at some of the best web-based, as well as, cloud-based dental practice management software, so you can choose the right one of your practice. But first, let’s see how we have chosen these software.

What Is Dental Software And Why Is Software Used In Dentistry?

The utilization of software in the dental industry has been going on for over six decades. That being said, dental software can be defined as the management software for the dental industry. However, different dental software solutions are available, such as dental treatment planning, patient records management, computer-focused dental education, and dental communication software. In the section below, we are sharing the information about these different dental software solutions.

However, before we talk about these different dental software solutions, we want to add that all these systems must have an adequately integrated user interface design for healthcare applications and software. That’s because the user interface will directly impact healthcare outcomes and functionality. Now, let’s check out the dental practice management software.

  • Patient records management– it is utilized by dentists to organize the patient’s records. It is responsible for gathering, saving, retrieving, and managing the patients’ healthcare information and creates reports. This software was basically designed to replace the paper-based documentation.
  • Dental treatment planning– this software offers the processes and tools to create and plan dental treatments. However, it is primarily used as the decision support system and is widely applicable in the prosthodontics
  • Computer-focused dental education– it is an education platform for providing remote education to dentists and residents. They offer e-learning processes to deliver dental educational courses. It is being used in oral pathology, orthodontics, endodontics, dental imaging, and cariology
  • Dental communication software – This software is used for interchanging dental information and data through the internet. It falls under telemedicine because it also includes the delivery of diagnostic services through video chats

3 Reasons Your Dental Practice Needs Management Software

3 Reasons Your Dental Practice Needs Management Software

Importance Of Dental Software In The Industry

The dental software is an excellent option for the administrative staff because it offers in-depth payment and billing systems. It can optimize the payments and automate them. Dental software can also send out automated billing statements (according to the set intervals) and helps with online claim submission. As a result, the efficiency of dental services is greatly enhanced.

What is cloud-based Dental Practice Management Software?

Cloud is essentially an illustration for the Web. With the help of cloud-based dental practice management software, all that presently runs on the server inside your office is conveyed to you by means of the internet by an access provider who handles it sitting in a data center.

This sort of software is alluded to as software-as-a-service which is commonly known as (SaaS). With the aid of software as a service, you run your practice management framework and access all your patient documentation and other information as though you were present in the workplace.

Similarly, as with the other advanced software, a major part of the best cloud based dental practice management software runs in the cloud as an application, permitting you to get to it through both work areas and cell phones.

Dental practice management software offers a considerably more expert suite than general clinical practice software for different medical practitioners and medical procedures. While there are comparable functionalities as far as organization is concerned, orthodontists and dental specialists require their own arrangement of clinical management devices and highlights.

Key aspects of the best cloud based dental software will incorporate the capacity to cover organization, like a schedule and an approach to timetable, track, and oversee arrangements. The software sections for maintaining bills record expenses and computerized claims with insurance agencies, just as track installment status and automate charging updates as required. There will additionally be a patient portal for self-assistance and for providing the facility to contact clients.

Nonetheless, the primary prerequisite is the capacity to work with patient’s charts and records, and regularly incorporate some type of designs or modulation techniques to drive and record treatment. This should frequently be incorporated with imaging gear and x-ray sensors to make it simpler to keep patient records extensive and modern. Free cloud based dental software accessible in the market likewise have practically all of the fundamental functionalities required. Additionally, they can be used to make a judgment of whether to purchase a premium variant of those software or not.

How We Choose the Best Dental Practice Management Software?

Just like there are various vendors offering general practice management software, there are also many vendors offering the specific dental version of the software, making it overwhelming for the clinics or hospitals to choose the right for their practice.

Now, to help you choose the right software, we have come up with some of the best web-based and cloud-based dental practice management software. We have chosen these software based on three critical factors including;

– They carry a 4+ rating on Google, and / or Capterra

– The vendor must maintain a functional website with detailed resources and documentation about the software; including the prices, functionalities, and system support offering, to help clients understand the value of the software

10 Best Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software Program

Now, before we begin our list of best cloud-based dental practice management software, it is important to remember that the software are listed randomly and not ranked. So, let’s start our list of best cloud-based dental practice management system

1. tab32

  • Most Comprehensive Practice Management System
  • Eliminates 3rd Party Vendors
  • Patient Communication, Claims Management, Radiology Included

tab32 is focused on elevating the patient experience and improving business outcomes for dental practices. We’ve built a system from the ground up that encompasses the entire care continuum from the first click on your website to billing and beyond. With over 500 features and every module you need to run your practice on one platform, tab32 creates a modern and seamless experience for your patients and staff.

  • Free Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: Transparent pricing model; tab32 bases its pricing on the number of locations and doctors in your practice. A pricing quote is available upon request.
  • Hosting: Secure cloud-based platform with excellent up-time performance
  • Support: A dedicated success coach along with free training, enrichment webinars, and live support agents will be available to support.
  • Training: A personal customer onboarding expert will guide you through migration, training, follow-ups and all other support needs. The trainer will develop customized processes for your practice training depending upon size, location, etc.

2. Clinically Dental Practice Management Software Cloud

  • Smart interactive interface
  • High-performance features and functionalities
  • Robust and comprehensive practice management solution

Clinically is a highly rated practice management software from Folio3 that has gained a reputation for its strong and well-integrated functionalities and features. Clinically is offered as a Software as a Solution (SaaS) solution, which enables dental practitioners to access important data from anywhere and anytime. Some of the functionalities offered by Clinically include Patient portal, automated reminders, staff alerts, accounting and medical billing software scheduler, and much more.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: The price is not available publicly, you can contact the sales team for a free quotation
  • Training: The company offers client-onboarding training along with online webinars, videos, and tutorials which are also available to get started
  • Support: Support can be accessed during office hours via email, phone or live chat
  • Folio3 Other Services and Apps: Telemedicine Cliniclive, Medical software development, Healthcare data analytics, Telemedicine solution

3. Practice Management -Web Cloud-based Dental Practice Management

  • Cloud-based
  • high-end features to support paperless dental practice
  • end-to-end dental medical billing software solution

Practice management is yet another credible cloud-based dentist software that comes with various features and functionalities of general practice management software, as well as, specific tools and features for dentist practice management. On the downside of the software, it’s only compatible with the Microsoft.NET platform, which means if you are using the iOS or Linux operating system, this isn’t the software of your choice.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: The price starts at $149 per month for the basic version. For add-on features like appointment reminders additional $69+ is charged
  • Training: New clients are offered customized two-hour introduction training for free
  • Support: Can be reached via phone or email during Monday to Friday 6:30 AM to 5 PM PST

4. ACE Dental:

ACE Dental is solid on the clinical side of things. As a component of their electronic dental record, there is 3D Remedial Graphing. This considers passage of a treatment plan, with the teeth addressed as on an odontogram. The 3D show additionally makes it conceivable to archive the development of teeth like floating, or a revolution issue. Perio diagramming is additionally empowered for thorough documentation.

The front office, basic to any dental practice, is additionally overseen well with ACE Dental. For instance, arrangement booking is not difficult to use with a lot of valuable highlights, for example, having patient pictures shown in the arrangement block. Changes should likewise be possible without breaking a sweat of an intuitive move. There is likewise support for arrangement pre-obstructing to work with making arrangements when the dental specialist is free.

The business side of things is additionally upheld through ACE Dental. Checkouts are smoothed out to get patients out of the workplace quicker. It is normal for dental practices to treat several members of a family, and to address this is the Patient and Family Record, so arrangements can be facilitated between various members of a family.

In general, when contrasted with the opposition, ACE Dental shows their experience of decades with this fragment and offers a dental practice management software bundle that is more than cutthroat.

Free-Demo: Yes

Cost: ACE Dental puts together their evaluation with respect to the number of specialists in your practice so cost info isn’t accessible on their website.

Training: Telephone and web preparation is accessible, and they have been preparing webinars routinely.

Support: Telephone support is accessible all day, every day or you can make a help ticket inside the software.

Host: Cloud-based

HIPAA Compliant: Positive.

5. Dovetail Cloud Dental Practice Management Software

  • ideal for mobile devices
  • Cloud-based
  • Sleek and interactive interface

Dovetail is a highly flexible and responsive dental practice management software that comes with an interactive and sleek interface. The best part about the software is its suitability for all sorts of mobile devices, which help dentists and orthodontics to access the software from anywhere and literally any device.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: The dovetail offers a flat $399 per month fee, which no limit on the number of users
  • Training: All new clients are offered onboarding training with a dedicated “success coach”. There are also ample resources available online for guidance
  • Support: The “Success Coach” becomes your support contact with the company. In case the person isn’t available, you can also reach out to the company through email, phone or webchat

6. iDental Soft Cloud based Dental Practice Software

  • Paperless dental practice
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Robust functionalities

iDental Soft is a pretty robust and comprehensive dentist software that enables dentists to make their practice paperless. Since it’s compatible with all major operating systems and platforms, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues here. Some of the notable features of the software include native imaging, prescription management, e-claims, patients’ portal, and other various features making it a complete dentist practice management software.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: Price not available publicly. Contact the sales department for a quote
  • Support: Customer support is available from 9 Am to 8 PM EST via email, phone or ticket generation through the dashboard
  • Training: The company offers unlimited training for clients

7. Maxident Dental Practice Software Cloud Based

  • Compatible with all OS
  • High-end features
  • Secure backup

Maxident is another high-performance dental practice management software in Canada that comes with high-end features and capabilities. The software is compatible with all major operating systems and platforms, making it easier to integrate with existing resources at the clinic. The software is offered as a Software as a Service Solution (SaaS) and comes with functionalities including practice management, electronic records, automated tasks, treatment planning, and much more; assisting you to move to the next level with your dental practice.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: According to the company, the software is free for Canadian Dental clinics, otherwise. prices aren’t publicly available and a quote can be requested from the sales team
  • Support: You can contact the support staff through email or phone
  • Training: For Canadian clients, on-site onboarding training is available, whereas, various online training courses and video tutorials are also available

8. MOGO Cloud based Dental Management Software

  • Cloud-based software hosted by Microsoft
  • Flat fee
  • High-end dental management features

Mogo Cloud is a Microsoft hosted cloud-based dental practice management software that brings in a variety of high-performance tools and features for dental practitioners. The software is offered as a complete package without any extra-fee for add-ons or special functionalities. Some of the high-performance features of Mogo Cloud include; imaging suite. Customized and automated reminders, e-signatures, form generation, and much more.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: Packages start at $250 per month
  • Training: free training videos are available online, whereas, customized training is also offered on payment of an undisclosed fee
  • Support: Support can be accessed via phone or email during working hours from Monday to Friday

9. Eaglesoft Cloud based Dental Management Software

  • ONC-ATB certified
  • Complete dental practice management solution

Eaglesoft is a robust and comprehensive dental practice management software that serves dental clinics of all sizes. The system is hosted on-premises, and includes various features including; imaging, clinical charting, billing, periodontal templates, and much more.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: Eaglesoft is priced at $200 for a single practice
  • Training: Free client onboarding training is offered
  • Support: Support can be accessed via phone and email

10. Denticon Cloud based Dental Practice Management Solution

  • Includes native analytics
  • Easy remote access
  • In-house insurance verification

Denticon is a specialized dental practice management solution that is meant to assist dental practitioners in improving the efficiency of their practice. The software comes with high-end features like embedded x-rays, real-time reporting, native analytics, on-site insurance verification, and much more.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: Packages starts at $300 per month
  • Training: Online and in-person client onboarding is available, along with comprehensive documentation
  • Support: Support can be accessed via phone, email or online chat during office hours

11. Dentimax Dental Practice Management Software Cloud based

  • Clear Pricing
  • Cheapest basic plan
  • Imaging tool integration

Dentimax is a highly flexible and robust dentist software that supports all major operating systems and platforms. The software can be hosted on-site or in the cloud and integrates easily with existing systems. Some of the features included in the software include; x-ray sensor integration, imaging to charting systems, time tracking, accounts, billing, and other administrative features.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: Setup price begins at $199
  • Training: Dentimax offers in-person and online training of client-onboarding
  • Support: Support can be accessed via phone or email or through support portal included in the dashboard

Web-Based Dental Practice Management System

1. Open Dental

  • Highly customizable
  • High-end features and functionalities
  • Robust system support
  • Convoluted fee structure

Open Dental software comes with pretty darn good features and functionalities that are required to run the day to day dental clinics like tooth charts, E-prescriptions, and other management and administrative features. What we like most about the Open Dental software is its interoperability with hundreds of dental software program, which makes it possible to integrate with existing software used in the clinic. And since it’s a web-based software, you would have to install it into all machines you intended to use.

  • Demo: The company does offer demo resources which can be accessed from their website
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: the price starts at $169 per location, which goes down to $119 after a year of subscription
  • Hosting: On-site
  • Support: Can be accessed via live chat or phone 24/7
  • Training: New clients are offered free training via live webinars or prerecorded videos. The client may request to arrange a customized training which is charged at $50 per hour

2. Dentisoft

  • easy to use interactive interface
  • Compatible with other dentist programs

Dentisoft is an interactive and simple to use dentist program that assists dental practitioners in their day to day practice serving as one of the examples of integrated healthcare systems within the dental industry.. While it’s doesn’t offer the most comprehensive range of features, however, the focus here is to offer dental practitioners with most essential clinic administrative features like appointment scheduling, patient information, and others. The software is compatible with various other software and programs, thus offering easy integration with existing infrastructure

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: Dentisoft offer free basic program “Cloud Starter”, whereas, for a more advanced package you can choose the “Cloud Pro” plan offered at $249 per month
  • Training: No training information is found on the site
  • Support: support can be accessed via phone or email

3. Dentrix Ascend

  • range of features
  • Automation
  • Analytics capabilities

Dentrix Ascend brings a range of high-performance dental practice management features in their software including clinical charts, imaging, practice reports, accounts, insurance claims, and much more. The software also offers advance predictive problem-solving automation, to improve clinical efficiency and productivity.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: The price is not available publicly. You can contact the sales team for a free quotation
  • Training: The software offers in-built hands-on training
  • Support: support can be accessed via phone or email

4. Curve Dental

  • High-performance features
  • Multiple price plans
  • Imaging Customization

The best part about Curve Dental is that it is offered as a cloud-based, as well as, web-based dental practice management solution. The software is compatible with all major operating systems and platforms, making easy integration possible. Some of the features include imaging to charting, accounting, administrative management, and others.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: The pricing information isn’t present on the website but can be requested through the sales team
  • Training: Curve Dental offers internet training through webinars regularly
  • Support: Curve dental offers 24/7 customer support through email, phone or you can also use the dashboard to create a support ticket

5. ACE Dental

  • Intuitive and interactive interface
  • Range of features
  • Powerful capabilities

ACE is a highly flexible and intuitive dental software that brings in a range of features and functionalities to assist dental practitioners in their practice. Some of the notable features of the system include pre-block appointments, digital signature, patient ledger, and dozens more.

  • Demo: Yes
  • HIPAA Compliant: Yes
  • Price: The basic package for one computer starts at $499 and can go up to $3,999 for the advance unlimited plan
  • Training: Free training is only available to advance tier users, whereas, for basic plan users $75 per hour is charged for training. However, they do maintain extensive training videos and resources online
  • Support: Support can be accessed via phone or email during business hours

Pros – Dental Practice Management Software

Purchasing a dental practice management software is definitely a good investment for all dental practitioners and clinics, looking to improve the quality of the services and patients’ satisfaction. The practice management system comes with various tools and features to take over routine administrative and management tasks, to reduce the burden from the dental practitioners and help them improve their practice. Below we have listed some of the benefits of the system:

  • Integrated workflows and processes
  • Improve Patient Care
  • Increased Profitability
  • Automated billing process

Cons – Dental Practice Management Software

While there is no certain disadvantage of implementing a dental practice management system in the clinics, some of the potential vulnerabilities of the system may include security and privacy concerns, and loss of productivity for the time taken to get used to the new system. Nonetheless, data security remains the biggest and most critical concern regarding the implementation of the dental practice management system.

Omega-Prax Dental is the market’s generally most reasonable and productive method of assisting your practice with improving on the day-by-day assignments important to maintain a fruitful business. It will smooth out your patient work process from check-ins to check-outs.

Its Office Manager takes into consideration better office interchanges and more straightforward patient processing. You will know when your patients have shown up, when they are in the seat and when they are fit to be discharged. The practice plan, patient data, protection and charging capacities are efficient and directly readily available. The check-out functionality permits you to comfortably charge for the service, acknowledge installments, make changes, record any protection and print walkout articulations.

What is dental office management software?

The dental office management software is defined as the management solution that offers in-depth treatment planning and well-integrated charting. It can handle the billing along with imaging and scheduling features. The dental office management software also provides cloud-based solutions, which help with online appointment scheduling and bookings.

What is Eaglesoft dental software?

Eaglesoft dental software is designed as the dental management solution, which helps schedule patients for dentistry services. In addition, it helps with the paperless charting of insurance claims. Lastly, the dental software can help with digital manipulation of the reports and lab results.

How to use Eaglesoft dental software?

Eaglesoft dental software comes with an exceptionally intuitive and user-friendly interface since most functions and features are graphical. That being said, you will be able to operate the dental software by looking at the screen. If you still have some questions, you can always rely on client support for robust assistance and guidance on all subject matter.

What is the most popular dental software in the United States?

The most popular dental software in the United States is Dentrix. It is designed by a company based in North America. To be honest, the software is pretty expensive, but it’s personalized according to the dental facility to ensure the best services. It provides the best online email and chat support. With Dentrix, you can get digital imaging, management of appointments, clinical charting, management of calendars, and much more.